The Weird Show (TWS) is an art platform created in 2010 by Rubén B and Max-o-matic dedicated to the showcase and exploration of contemporary collage through exhibitions, online / offline publishing and workshops & sessions.
Since 2017, the project is directed and curated by Max-o-matic.

TWS is not about collage. For TWS collage is just a way of expressing ideas, feelings and stories.  We stress the importance of always searching for new ways of approaching art through this technique and seek to expand the boundaries of this practice; leaving cliches behind and going further.  As creators and curators of contemporary collage we do not look for stale perfection; we prefer freshness and fearlessness. We just love mistakes that make us think and learn.

TWS show is not an inspiration catalogue. Inspiration comes from elsewhere. Challenges are inspiring. New things are inspiring. Forgetting what has been done and reinventing the obvious is inspiring. Music is inspiring. People making beautiful mistakes are inspiring. Elegance is inspiring. Ugly can be inspiring. Friends doing great things are inspiring. Glacial meetings in weird places are inspiring. Open minds welcome inspiration from almost anywhere.

Since 2011 TWS has curated and produced collage exhibitions in galleries and museums in Europe (London, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Rotterdam, Trondheim, Valladolid) and America (New York, Montreal, Lima, Quito, San José de Costa Rica) and ran workshops and collage sessions in many of these cities.