Book Review: Charles Wilkin Index A Limited edition boxed set

15 years after Charles Wilkin published his highly influential Index-A monograph via Gestalten, he is releasing a boxed set. This impressive set includes a signed vintage copy of Index-A as well as Wilkin’s two new monographs Monuments and Dust and Meat on the Overhead, both featuring recent work, as well as a commemorative poster and custom printed box, all of the artist’s design.

In this three publications, we can see the evolution of an artist and a perpetual search for new ways of expressing his ideas with his favorite tools. Wilkin never stood still or repeated formulas endlessly.
Released in 2003, Index-A opened the eyes to an infinite amount of people that saw in collage a way of approaching art in a more fresh, fast and bold style. This book made thousands of collage artists worldwide.

Monuments and Dust gather some of his acclaimed collage work made between 2010 and 2018 showing with great detail his unique color palettes, the innovative use of textile images and the dynamism of his compositions.
“These pages really do feel like places,” says fellow collage artist Fred Free in his introduction to Monuments and Dust, “Places within a larger place that Charles has created and populated with some of the most magical people we’ll ever meet inhabiting a world like no other. Monuments and Dust is like his guidebook to that world and from the very first image that greets us, we get a glimpse of things to come.”

The third part of the box set is Meat On The Overhead, including Wilkin’s photographic work from 2003-2018.

Run before it´s too late.

Everyone show have one, but Wilkin made only 15 copies, which are sold exclusively via his website