The Weird Show (TWS) is an art platform created in 2010 by Rubén B and Max-o-matic dedicated to the showcase and exploration of contemporary collage through exhibitions, online / offline publishing and workshops & sessions.

Since 2017, the project is directed and curated by Max-o-matic.

Collage has been one of the most relevant art forms in the 20th century. Dada, Surrealists, Situationists, Punks and many other art movements embraced collage each one in a unique way. But all these ways that collage has operated in different contexts is past history and related with ideals of their own era that there's no sense in replicating today.

We believe in the need of redefining contemporary collage to find the way of matching its endless possibilities with contemporary issues. We need to find new ways of remixing culture in ways that resonate and are effective in our political and cultural context. We need to search for new ways of approaching art through this technique and seek to expand the boundaries of this practice, leaving cliches behind in order to redefine collage as a meaningful cultural artifact and language for expressing.

TWS's goal is to gather everyone who’s interested in what’s next, new or different related to this medium. We want to connect everyone with dissident voices and suspicious thoughts. Weirdos with challenging visions of what collage is and might be. People who raise more questions than give conclusive answers. We like to open discussions rather than lecture with solid truths. We'd like to meet as many people like us, full of ideas and uncertainty.

In order to make this happen, since 2011 TWS has curated and produced collage exhibitions in galleries and museums in Europe (London, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Rotterdam, Trondheim, Valladolid) and America (New York, Montreal, Lima, Quito, San José de Costa Rica) and ran workshops and collage sessions in many of these cities. We have organized Gatherings in dozens of cities to discuss collage related issues. And, finally, we had published online and offline the work of ground breaking artists that embody our vision of contemporary collage.

Exhibitions, Workshops,Gatherings


Int'nl Weird Collage Show Madrid. May 25-May 21. Gloria AB Gallery.

Curated by Rubén B 

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Rotterdam. Aug 19-Sep 11. Opperclaes Gallery.

Curated by Ashkan Honarvar, Max-o-matic & Rubén B 


Int'nl Weird Collage Show Lima, Perú. Oct 26-Nov 10. Domingo Gallery.

Curated by Goster, Max-o-matic & Rubén B


Int'nl Weird Collage Show Quito, Ecuador. Feb 13-Mar 13. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito.

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B

Int'nl Weird Collage Show San José, Costa Rica. Mar 13-Apr 13. Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo (MADC).

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B

The Collaborations Show. Apr 5-May 2. La Piola, Madrid.

Curated by Rubén B

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Berlin. Jun 27-Jul 27. Tête Gallery.

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B

TWS Workshop Berlin, Tête Gallery. Rubén B & Isabel Reitemeyer

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Madrid. Nov 16-Dec 16. Mad i Mad Gallery.

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B


Int'nl Weird Collage Show Brooklyn, NY. Apr 19-May 10. The Invisible Dog Gallery.

Curated by Charles Wilkin, Max-o-matic & Rubén B

Collective Collage Session NY, The Invisible Dog Gallery. Charles Wilkin.

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Montreal. May 1-May 30. Espace Massiveart.

Curated by Alan Ganev, Max-o-matic & Rubén B


Macba Collage Jam Sessions, Macba - Museu d´art contemporani de Barcelona. Jan - Dec. Max-o-matic


Int'nl Weird Collage Show Barcelona. Feb 25-Mar 13. Espronceda Centre for Art & Culture

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B

TWS Workshop Barcelona, Espronceda CAC. Max-o-matic

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Valladolid. Apr 21-Jun 4. La Atómica Gallery

Curated by Cless, Max-o-matic & Rubén B

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Trondheim. Aug 18-Sep 18. Trondhjems Kunstforening

Curated by Ashkan Honarvar, Max-o-matic & Sylvia Stølan

TWS Workshop Trondheim, Trondhjems Kunstforening. Max-o-matic

Macba Collage Lab, Macba - Museu d´art contemporani de Barcelona. Jan-Dec. Max-o-matic


Assemblage #1. Int'nl Weird Collage Show Gatherings.

Amsterdam (Netherlands) / Host: B.D. Graft.

Berlin (Germany) / Host: April Gertler.

Barcelona (Spain) / Host: Max-o-matic

Buenos Aires (Argentina) / Host: Carolina Simonelli

Burgos (Spain) / Host: Rubén B.
Lima (Perú) / Host: Goster

Milano (Italy) / Host: Elisa Vendramin

Montreal (Canada) / Host: Alan Ganev

New York (USA) / Host: Charles Wilkin

Tokyo (Japan) / Host: Takuro Kishibe

Trondheim (Norway) : Hosts: Ashkhan Honarvar & S. Stølan


Int'nl Weird Collage Show London. Feb 1-Feb18. Jealous Gallery.

Max-o-matic & James Springall