Weird Bookshelf: Bloodwars Volume One

A selection from our personal bookshelf: Bloodwars Volume One – Limited Edition Book | 2004
Published by Sfaustina Designs
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150 Pages
168 x 216 mm
First Edition 2004
300 copies
Sold Out

Bloodwars Volume 1 The book about Graffiti Bombing, Street Art, Design, photography, Illustration.

Designed and Published by SFAUSTINA* designBloodwars V1 is a book that came to life from the free online graffiti magazine Bloodwars. This was created by designer/artist Sfaustina as an answer to the lack of coverage in the area of graffiti bombing, with the main focus on the style of Throw ups, Fill ins, Tags and Outlines. As the magazine progressed it soon started to include, Flyer bombing, Stickers, and Photography from pretty much anything related to street art, and the cultural mystery of the anonymous hardcore street artist.

SFAUSTINA has been documenting graffiti art for over ten years. The Bloodwar Book exposes some of the best and talented bombers and street artists world wide, which include photos of Log, Veefer, Twist, Puzl, Tie, Geso, Sacer, Midget and many more. Most of the documentation is from the Bay Area, CA and New York, but spans from Germany to Paris, from Brazil to London.

All related material i.e. photography has been chosen by SFAUSTINA and what he finds interesting. It is not supposed to encompass everything. Along with most of the photography taken by SFAUSTINA, SFAUSTINA’s designs and artwork are creatively displayed in the layout of these photos. Throughout the book you will find stunning illustrations and a modern design aesthetic that SFAUSTINA delivers perfectly.

Within the book you will also find special page designs by contributing designers, along with brilliant social commentary. (from editor)