Weird Bookshelf: Place – 35 Designers, 35 Cities – VASAVA

A selection from our personal bookshelf: Place: 35 Designers, 35 Cities – VASAVA | 2004
Published by Actar

608 Pages
177 x 228 mm
Spanish – English
ISBN 9788495951779
with DVD

In order to answer the question: To what degree does the place in which an individual lives influence his/her creative work?, a travel book of 350 blank pages, a video camera, and a T-shirt traveled the world in search of creative diversity. For the 18-month duration of the PLACE project, two suitcases containing the elements listed above traveled east and west simultaneously, visiting a total of 35 artists. Each artist was asked to think about their context, to look, see, discover, and depict their vision and experience on the supports given to them: book, video, T-shirt. They were encouraged to work on the supports to unify criteria and formats, while leaving room for the interpretation of each. This logbook of the PLACe project reveals the results of this intriguing game with few rules and a lot of room for risk-taking, exploration, and improvisation. (from editor)