Project Sharing: Ashkan Honarvar collaborates with Thomas Bradely in Parade. Collage meets fashion.

Text by Ashkan Honarvar.

Project PARADE started a while back when I first discovered Thomas Bradley’s beautiful creations on IG. I immediately got obsessed with his almost organic garment designs that seemed as if they were extensions of the human body. These garments fluently changed the contours of the human anatomy in a way that I hadn’t seen before. This layering, adding and transforming in his work is very similar to my own way of work within collage technique so I could clearly see a collaboration between us.
Luckily for me he had just finished 14 new garments for a new movement / fashion film by Emanuel Gat / Thomas Bradley. These 14 amazing garments are photographed by Emanuel Gat and Julia Gat. From there on I selected 21 photo and started the collaboration. 

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Production credits:
The 14 piece collection was produced by Emanuel Gat Dance and Chaillot – Theatre National de la Danse, Paris for a new movement/fashion film by Emanuel Gat and Thomas Bradley.

Shoot credits:

Emanuel Gat Dance
Artistic Director: Emanuel Gat
Company Manager: Marjorie Carré
Tour and production manager: Antonia Auday
Photographers: Emanuel Gat and Julia Gat
Shoe design / production: Oldrich Voyta
Shoe material: Fillamentum Industrial
Hair Lead stylist: Séréna Galati
Hair stylist: Manon Maudous
Make up: Make Up Forever Academy Forever Academy (Boulogne-Billancourt,