Weird Bookshelf: Jim Houser – Babel

A selection from our personal bookshelf: Jim Houser – Babel | 2005
Published by Gingko Press

120 Pages
183 x 234 mm
ISBN 9781584231981

Self-taught mixed media artist Jim Houser’s creative journey began as a child when he started drawing in sketchbooks brought home to him by his father. Over the years, driven by impulse and inspired by words as well as the perspective that his childhood drawings provide, Houser developed a style combining words, phrases and existential story fragments with crisp, colorful paintings on surfaces ranging from canvas to walls to skateboards and more. Houser forces us to re-examine these often well-worn words and discover their lost, faded and even alternate meanings amidst visions of ten gallon hats, snaggletooth snakes, preternatural beings and visualized natural elements. Jim Houser is a Philadelphia-based artist, an honorary member of the artists collective Space 1026 and an avid skateboarder who designs skate decks for Toy Machine. (from editor)