Weird Bookshelf: Microbo, Bo130, The Don – IZASTIKUP

A selection from our personal bookshelf: IZASTIKUP – Microbo, Bo130, The Don | 2005
Published by Drago Publisher

208 pages
21 × 28 cm
ISBN 9788888493336

Izastikup is the product of a decade’s worth of collecting, exchanging and displaying some of the most iconic stickers that have defined the streets. The first anthology of its kind, this sticker book gathers the work of hundreds of legendary street artists including Buff Monster, Futura 200, Shepard Fairey, Jeremy Fish, Henet, Miss Van, Space Invader, Banksy, Big Foot, Jeff Soto, Jet-Pac, Jon Burgerman, 123 Klan, Inkunstruction, Abbominevole, Doodlebug, Jace, Papier Resistance, Mongomia and The London Police.

With over 1,000 featured designs, this book guides the viewer through a vibrant collage of some of the most distinctive sticker art exhibited in the world’s largest gallery: the streets. Each page celebrates the coming together of a series of diverse styles and methods that have helped create this bountiful montage. In the true style of a sticker book, several pages at the end have been left blank, allowing the reader to complete this extraordinary work of art.

The variety of stickers showcased in this book is truly astonishing. Hailing from all over the world, they are handmade, hand painted and cut, glossy, and matte, simple and elaborate. This book depicts the movement that started in the streets and is now recognized in galleries and museums as art. (from editor)