Interview: Erik Foss

Please, introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Erik Foss.
I am an American artist living and working on New York City ( Manhatten ).
I am 41 years old.
I have lived in NYC since Halloween of 1996.
I was born in Elgend Illinois and was raised by a single mother and have a twin brother in Chandler Arizona.
I grew up in the skateboarding and underground music scene.
I graduated from high school and finished one year of junior collage.
I have had 4 American solo shows and one European solo show.
I have 2 paintings in American museum collections.
I have a dog (black Lab ) and my eyes are blue.
I was raised Catholic and have a portrait of Jesus tattood on my left arm.
My favorite number is 7, yup that about sums it up.

Recent, current or future projects you are involved in that you would like to share with us?

I recently had a large Oil painting put into the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary arts permanent collection.

What kind of things do influence your work?

Love, pain, death, politics, my childhood, music, literature, pop culture, family, friends, nature, every day street experience, travel and what I see in my dreams.

How is your normal process of collaging? (idea or commission?)


where do you get your materials or find your images

In books I obtain in my daily travels I.e. The streets.

, which is your cutting technique?

Scissors, exacto blade, ripping and tearing.

best way you have found to paste?

Matt medium

where do you work and how?

In my studio, on the floor and or work bench, all depends on the size of the canvas/paper.

and very important: what do you do with your scraps?

I keep them all

Wich is your latest discovery in the collage world?

Paper is still flammable

What advice can you give to a collage beginner?

Have fun

What do say your friends/family about your collage work?

I tell them it’s a part of my process and it’s not for every body.

And, what do you do when you are not working on art?

Walk my dog, look for old books and paper, watch movies, read books, spend time making art with other artists, go to openings, run my business, try and sleep when ever possible.

Would you like to ask anything to John Baldessari?

First of all I respect the mans work and vision over many, maybe I would ask him how old he was when he new he was and artist.