Interview: Gluehead zine / Anelor Robin

Please, introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you.
For everyone here on Earth, I’m Anelor Robin, born in the south of France in the middle of pine forests and ‘foie gras’. But to tell you the truth my real name is Margarine and I’m from the planet Pluton, born from the uterus of a motherEgg, raised by weird creatures and my best friend was a GlueHead. In terms of my work, I will say that collage is my best recipe. I find inspiration in normal daily life, with a special tendency and tenderness for food, sponges, 70’s magazine, Roman Photo, and plastic ice cream spoons that I like to collect to give a new and different twist to life.

What is Glueheads ?
GlueHeads is originally a Pluton Creature so I decided to give the same name to this project which is also dear to my heart. It’s is an ongoing and wandering contemporary collage project and Zine bringing together artists, collage lovers, piles of magazines, scissors, glue, and a hint of good humor. The concept is quite simple: One day/One Exhibition/One Zine.

- Which artists are involved?
The artists involved are different every time, although a little family is growing in Berlin. But I like to keep it open, I don’t want to give myself any restrictions or boundaries. Sometimes the people I ask to participate are artists who are not even making collage but who I think might have GlueHead blood.

What is your curatorial approach for the project? How do you select artists?
I will not say that I’m a curator but maybe I prefer to use the culinary term « Chef ». The GlueHeads project and Zine could be like a mayonnaise or a soufflé and I’m there to raise or « de faire prendre la mayonnaise ». It’s all about mixing the right ingredients, checking and taste.

What would you like Glueheads to become in five years ?
In 5 years, oheuh ! I’m not Mrs. Crystal Ball ! With GlueHeads I’m usually working one after the another. In a near time and space dimension I would like to travel with the project. For instance, I’d like to go to Iran because I met this stunning artist and I would like to work with her on one GlueHeads issue. I want to increase the GlueHeads community in order to feel more like back at home. I really don’t want to get bored or to repeat myself. I will try to keep it playful and always find terrific GlueHeads people to cook and keep sending fresh new collage-satellites into orbit.

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