The surreal animated portraits of Görkem Kayhan

We asked a few questions to Istanbul based motion graphics designer who´s artistic work has caught our eye in our Instagram feed.

Please, tell us a bit about yourself  
Hi, my name is M. Görkem Kayhan. I’m 32 years old and living in İstanbul/Turkey. I’m in love with motion graphic design since I was 14. I have been working professionally for 12 years now.

Your animations mix elegance and weirdness. Which are your sources of inspiration? Which artists you feel have informed your work the most?  
My main source of inspiration are the images themselves. Sometimes an image tell me a story and I try to animate it 🙂 For now, I mostly use oil paintings and photographs, sometimes.
My second source of inspirations is music, of course. The rhythm of music I listen always affect the animations.

If you had to name your style in any way, how would you call it?
I feel I haven’t got a style of my own yet. Even though I have been working professionally for a long time, I have been doing my own stuff only for one year. There is a lot of new things to try. If I had to name it, we can just call it… animated collage.

There’s also humor in many of your pieces. Is there any special feeling you want to transmit through your work?
I’m not good with words actually. You can see it in my short answers 🙂  But it’s okay, because when you want to say something there is a lot of ways to do it. Animated images is one of them. I have different emotions in each pieces but I don’t know the right words to describe them 🙂