Weird Bookshelf: More With Less – Neasden Control Centre

A selection from our personal bookshelf: More With Less – Neasden Control Centre | 2010
Published by Stichting MU

32 Pages
195 x 255 mm
ISBN 9789079423064

Stephen Smith is especially concerned with the fluctuations of mixed media as they are worked, in-process. Smith has been exhibited at the Baltic Centre in the UK and at the Nam June Paik Centre in South Korea; this book of collages, drawings and paintings is culled from an exhibition at MU in Eindhoven. For Smith, form, message and meaning evolve over time, as his found and manipulated media go through various stages of construction, and deconstruction. This in-flux approach is evident throughout More With Less, from its funny line drawings to its worked-over paintings, from expanding avant-garde collages to impulsive graffiti texts. (From Idea Books website)