The lock down chronicles:
Fred Free

Fred Free is an artist based in Boston, Massachussetts.

TWS –How are you doing in this Covid-19 pandemic?

FF –Okay in general. I was feeling anxious back in February and early March because my son was studying abroad and as the situation escalated, we weren’t sure if and when he would return home to the states. But he’s home now and healthy, so that is no longer an issue. Now it’s just the day to day roller-coaster of emotions due to the crisis as a whole.

TWS –Are you being able to telecommute / work from home?

FF –Yes, but I’ve been working from home for about thirty years so not much has changed. It’s just more crowded now that my son and wife are also working here.

TWS –Did the lock-down affected your creativity and art making? How?

FF –My work has always responded to things that affect me in my daily life and fortunately that process hasn’t changed much (probably because I’m able to keep working where I normally work). But since the lock-down is now part of daily life, many of my pieces are virus-related in subtle and not so subtle ways. 

TWS –Are you able to track positive moments or things that happened during this crisis so far?

FF –Definitely. Being able to hang out more with my family and appreciate some of the smaller, quieter moments and activities has been a gift. I’ve also done some mail-art swapping and what i would call “extra communicating” with a few artists during the crisis and that has been very cool getting to know people a little bit more. 

TWS –What’s the first thing you would like to do when we can get back to normal?

FF –Probably go out to eat and drink at one of our favorite restaurants with family and friends. And not wear a mask.

Fred Free, Calculate the moment
Fred Free, Source of our being
Fred Free, The emptiness of the walls enclosing them
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