Weird Bookshelf: David Carson – Trek

A selection from our personal bookshelf: David Carson – Trek | 2003
Published by Gingko Press, Inc

480 Pages
247 x 295 mm
ISBN 9781584230465

Trek is David Carsons first graphic design book in 5 years. It is the most comprehensive collection of his work since The End of Print published in the mid 90s and documents his travels to address young people in lectures and workshops around the world. Due to the huge success of his first book and the magazines he has directed hehas become the most sought after speaker in the field. His graphic talent evolves permanently and in his other vocation,teaching, his skill is legend. Carson has inspired an entire gen eration of design and art school students across the globe. Trek features excerpts from the highly successful Marshall McLuhan Project, plus work created for high-profile clients such as Nine Inch Nails and Quicksilver. David is based in South Carolina and Malibu. He works as author, music video and commercial director, advertising and magazine designer, consultant, lecturer and teacher. (From editor)