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Khaleelah I. L. Harris (Palm Beach, FL) is a master’s student at Yale University’s Divinity School. Her research investigates the project of identity formation/self-making and taste-making practices for upper/middle class Black Women of the late 19th and early 20th century, nuancing the ways in which these particular acts determine how this group of Black Women enacted beautiful experiments with their lives. Harris is also a Du Boisian Scholar and studies African American Freethought. She is a semi-professional found photo collage artist and centers her involvement in the arts world around curatorial work with visual art exhibits that create visual narratives for her research. Her research interests for college art include African-American Women’s Religious Experience, African-American Women’s Social Clubs/Organizations, Historically Black Colleges; Southern Life and Beauty Culture.

Harris is co-curating an exhibition this fall at Yale University’s Divinity School. In collaboration with The Black Collagists Arts Incubator, Small Nation Photographs will present “Allegories, Renditions, and a Small Nation of Women.” Information about the open call and the exhibition can be found here in the exhibitions tab: Visual Art | Small Nation Photographs Exhibitions (

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Khaleelah L. Harris, Ninny, My Ass
Khaleelah L. Harris, A Beautiful Development
Blessed to Travel
Christianity Adds
Khaleelah L. Harris, Da 3 Bloods
Khaleelah L. Harris, Dubnar, So Easily
Khaleelah L. Harris, Miss Mama
Khaleelah L. Harris, When I Was a Child