TWS Broadcast. S02E01. James Gallagher. Secret behavior of human beings.

James Gallagher is one of our personal heroes. We owe this guy so much.  He was one the few artists that in the late 90s and the early 2000’s championed collage in a time that the medium was far from being relevant or popular.

His raw and expressive collages featuring intimate scenes with anonymous characters showed the world a new way to speak with a known language. His work showed many of us that collage, made with a contemporary mindset, was as exciting and bold and any other medium could be.

James’ curatorial work carried out in the late 2000’s and early 10s took collage to a new level. With the Cutters New York, Berlin and Cork exhibitions, and in the Cutting Edges book, published by Gestalten, he showcased a selection of artists from all around the world working with appropriation art and collage in new and refreshing ways that inspired the collage renaissance that arrived just few years after.

James Gallagher is one of the reasons we do what we do. He had a huge influence in my work as an artist and in the creation of TWS back in 2010. He, in many ways, started all this, and we are glad we finally got to talk to him about everything.

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This episode was produced, edited and sound designed by Máximo Tuja aka Max-o-matic.
Music composed by Casey Gallagher. Find more of his amazing music at
Mix: Adrià Navarro 
Special thanks to John Whitlock for helping us recording this episode on his studio.

Find more about James Gallagher on his website or Instagram.