TWS Broadcast: S02: E12: Leonardo Sousa: Thinking Collage

Leonardo Sousa is a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.  After working for many years on wood and iron pieces, moving from his hometown to Lisbon to pursue a master’s degree caused Leonardo to change the focus of his practice. Faced with the impossibility of working with the materials with which he had used in the past, he felt the need to look for something new, and in the immediate surroundings, almost by chance, he found collage. From that moment on, his artistic practice and research work focused on investigating what collage is and how it should be understood in the context of contemporary art.

Today we will be talking with Leonardo to learn more about his thinking and theoretical studies on collage as a medium. We will review the evolution of the concept and its historical adaptation to new social and cultural landscapes.  We will also learn about Leonardo’s projects, which include, among others, the creation of a collage dictionary. 

The Episode

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