Feel free to mail us if you are interested in the project:

theweirdshowism (at)

We mostly post our stuff on Instagram:


We´re open to receive submissions of artists working with contemporary collage. 

We´d love to see what people are doing and sharing it with our community.

We are looking for fresh and daring work and will publish only that. 

We prefer wrong that already seen.

Send only a couple of low res images and a link to your work

to: theweirdshowism (at) 

Or even better, Please use our #theweirdshowISM tag for exposure. 

We'll check it regularly.

Before asking, sending or requesting anything, you might want to read our manifesto to know how we feel about all this collage thing.

The Weird Show porto-manifesto, 2016.

1) In the era of über information, inspiration easily becomes repetition. We are part of this. We hate this.

2) We make art. We are visual explorers trying to find new ways to tell stories. Old stories told in a new form. New stories expressed with ancient mechanisms. 

3) We seek to expand the boundaries of our practice. 

4) We celebrate new. We love weird.

5) We embrace failure as part of the process.

6) We avoid following and repeating formulas endlessly with robotic attitude, done with precision but with no heart.

7) “Everything has already been invented” is not an excuse for lazyness.

8) We use collage as our weapon of choice. Collage is limited; collage is limitless.

9) We don´t want to enter a loop of self-deception: we would rather do it wrong than again.

10) Like John Baldessari stated: We will not make any more boring art. (Or at least we´ll try.)