TWS Broadcast: S02.E11: David Henry Nobody Jr: Resemblage, reality hacking and social sculpting.

David Henry Brown aka David Henry Nobody Jr. is a NYC-based artist whose work resists categorisation by the more traditional labels of the art world. Interventionist, Immersive Performer, Social Sculptor or Reality Hacker are some of the ways to describe David’s career, who since the early 1990s has developed a highly provocative and political body of work that acts almost as a mirror in which we see reflected the world we live in.

Resemblage, the union of the words resemble and collage, is the term Brown has coined to describe the work he has created in recent years where he uses social media to create a living performance. From his Instagram profile David uses his body to attach found objects, discarded items and remnants of our consumer society to create elaborate living collages that confront us with who we are as a society.

The Episode

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David Henry Nobody Jr’s work

Stalking Trump, Number 2, 1999, NYC, Autographed.
Stalking Trump, Number 5, 1999, NYC, Autographed.
Alex with Sarah Jessica Parker, October 6, 1999 St Regis hotel
Alex wth Hillary Clinton, October 25, 1999 Hillary’s Birthday Party, Ford Center, Autographed
Alex with Bill Clinton, October 25, 1999 Hillary’s Birthday Party, Ford Center
Alex with Mary J Blinge
Displaced Figure With Jettisoned Eye, Resemblage, 2015, 16″x16″ ed. of 5
PB and J Is My Jam, Resemblage, 2017, 16″x16″ ed. of 5
Quantum Selfie In Black Hole, Resemblage, 2015, 40″x 40″ ed. of 3
Spam Bot, Resemblage, 2017, 16″x16″ ed. of 5
Vehicle Of Collusion, Resemblage, 2018 16″x16″ ed of 5
Trophy Boy, 2021, 46”x32” inches edition of three, and 23”x16” inches edition of five
DNO Box, Installation
DNO Box, Installation

Turning Tables Tableaux

Peanutbutter Painter

Mental Marrionette With Dancing Dogs

Inverted Champagne Supernova Fountain

Motorized Man In White Hat With Pepsi

Pennies From Heaven, Falling

Self Portrait As Abstract Shapeshifter

Find more about David’s work on his website or on his Instagram profile and buy his NFTs on Foundation