Weird Bookshelf: MOMO – 3AM-6AM

A selection from our personal bookshelf: MOMO – 3AM-6AM | 2009
Published by ROJO – Sintonison

160 Pages
110 x 150 mm
ISBN 9788461329311

MOMO is known for tagging his name the width of Manhattan, and inventing oversize abstract collage for the street, faking a New Yorker magazine cover, and building a totem pole in the East River, a computer script which makes his art for him, a mural project with Melissa Brown that destroys their art for them. Tide powered sculpture with Eltono, and prints, paintings, and videos that rely on chance for fun and substance. MOMO’s first monograph gathers the best of his visually rewarding colorful works, related games and inspirations, for 160 raw pages. (from editor)