TWS Broadcast. S02E03. Diane Meyer: Photography, embroidery, memory.

Diane Meyer is a Los Angeles based artist whose work combines photography and embroidery, creating mixed media objects that questions the idea of memory, our construction of history and our relationship with the past.

Her artworks are part photography and part hand-stitched pixelated color patterns that at the same conceal and reveal information, making us think what’s lost and what’s gained in this media translation where a thread takes the place of an image.

Diane’s work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries in the United States and abroad and is part of important art collections. And while it is not traditional collage, her work has been collected in titles as central to the genre as The Age of Collage, published by Gestalten.

And as there is nothing we like more than exploring the boundaries of what we understand as collage, we talked to her to learn more about her work, influences and process.

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This episode was produced, edited and sound designed: Max-o-matic
Mix: Adrià Navarro 
Original music: Matías Rossi

Find more about Diane Meyer on her website or Instagram.

Diane Meyer, Disneyland
Diane Meyer, Group I
Diane Meyer, Bogert School
Diane Meyer, Paradise School
Diane Meyer, New Jersey XIX
Diane Meyer, New Jersey IV
Diane Meyer, House (Former Wall Area Lichterfelde Sud)
Diane Meyer, Former Guard Tower Off Puschkinallee
Diane Meyer, Former Guard Tower Off Puschkinallee
Diane Meyer, Checkpoint Charlie
Diane Meyer, Sacrower Heilandskirche
Diane Meyer, Engeldamn
Diane Meyer, Reichstag
Diane Meyer, Tempelhof
Diane Meyer, Greibnitzsee
Diane Meyer, Italy XII