TWS Broadcast: Episode 05. Teri Henderson: Black collage matters

2020 was a year were the fact that black lives matter was sadly highlighted by police brutality and death. 

In different areas, movements have been created to vindicate the situation of inequality and social injustice. And Black Collagist, an art incubator created as a platform to discover, facilitate and support black artists making collage, is definitely the one that caught our attention the most.

In this episode we spoke with writer and curator Teri Henderson, Black Collagists Founder and director, to discover more about the incubator, its mission goals and how does the art world looks for a black curator working in a collage related project.

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Learn more about the Black collagists art incubator on their site at the Kanyer’s Art collection, and follow Black collagists Instagram profile and Teri Henderson’s own profile to check more about her work.

Teri Henderson, Black Collagists Arts Incubator’s founder/director

Artists who have been featured on Black Collagists: