TWS BROADCAST: EPISODE 06: The endless reinvention of Mario Zoots

Based in Dever, Colorado, Mario Zoots in an artist that has been working with collage in its various forms for over a decade. His work is bold and extremely personal, but what we like the most about Mario is his relentless exploration of collage as a medium. While some artists work hard to find a trademark style that they can repeat endlessly, Mario goes just the opposite way. His work is always evolving and looking for new ways to represent his ideas, thoughts and histories. Mario is not afraid of trying new things and shifting his focus to new materials, techniques or conceptual approaches. It seems that the only things he really fears is repetition.

This week we’re talking with Mario to learn more about his ideas and work.

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Find more about Mario Zoots on his website, his instagram and check the New Collection’s site.