Interview: Jon Legere

I was born in Springfield Massachusetts, grew up in Bermuda and now live and work between NYC and London. I was raised by a copy machine salesman and a ballerina in a tropical paradise. From this I learned to love technology, stage performers and the color pink at a very early age.

Recent, current or future projects that you would like to share with us?

I have some large collages and a sculpture in the Bacardi Biennial which will be hosted in Bermuda later this year. Dennis Busch invited me to contribute to the book “The Age of Collage” by Gestalten which was an honor. I also have a few paintings currently in a group show at The Brian Morris Gallery in Manhattan, curated by Noah Post.

What kind of things influence your work?

In Bermuda we have to import everything. Food, clothing, paper even culture.  Sampling, borrowing and appropriating is a default. Its an island full of corporate pirates, shipping containers and pastel colors. I started out making digital videos – and still love the medium – but wanted to get dirty. My approach to video and collage are very similar. I like to sample the immediate world around me and merge it all into one big considered mess.

What is your normal working process when you use collage? (Idea or commission? Where do you get your materials or find your images? What is your cutting technique? The best way you have found to paste? Where do you work and how? And very important: What do you do with your scraps?)

I work everywhere and i’ve been on the road for just under a year with my wife and baby boy. I long for a studio but first need to settle. For now kitchens, dining room tables, in-law bathrooms, gardens, pool houses, hotels, and floors have become make shift studios. My work is aggressive and fast. I use found flyers, disregarded books, shitty gossip mags, my own photographs, manipulated google pics and sometimes i’ll buy bulk on ebay. I dont save scraps. Once it hits the floor its gone. I slash, glue, tape and paint in such a frenzy that theres usually nothing left to salvage. Being precious about decisions or coveting clippings never works out for me.

What is your latest discovery in the world of collage? 

I recently saw back to back shows of artists Mark Bradford and Franz Ackermann at the White Cube in London. The scale of both blew my mind.

What advice would you give someone starting to work with collage?
Dont be precious. Make bold decisions and don’t look back.

What do your friends/family say about your collage work?
Everyones supportive.

What do you do when you are not working on art?

I’m a film and digital Producer by day. I also have a 19 month old baby boy.  Work, art and family is everything.