International Weird Collage Show / London


The International Weird Collage Show at Jealous Gallery, London.
After highly successful shows in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid,
Montreal, Rotterdam, Trondheim and Lima, amongst other cities, the
International Weird Collage Show is coming to London for the very first time.

01/02/2018 – 11/02/2018

Jealous Gallery,
53 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PT

Exhibiting artists:
André Bergamin (Brazil)
Jono Boyle (UK)
Barbara Breitenfellner (Germany)
Adam Bridgland (UK)
Sarah Bridgland (UK)
Dennis Busch (Germany)
Cless (Spain)
Lola Dupre (UK)
Alan Ganev (Canada)
Anthony Gerace (UK)
Goster (Perú)
Sarah Hardacre (UK)
Ashkan Honarvar (Norway)
Geoff J. Kim (USA)
Max-o- matic (Spain)
Rubén B (Spain)
James Springall (UK)
Maxwell Sterling (UK)
Sergei Sviatchenko (Denmark/Ukraine)
Nil Ultra (USA)
Elisa Vendramin (Italy)
Joe Webb (UK)
John Whitlock (USA)
Charles Wilkin (USA)

Curated by:
Max-o-matic & James Springall

About the exhibition:
The International Weird Collage Show will be put on by The Weird Show, a
collective that organise group exhibitions focusing on contemporary collage
art as a medium. Established in 2010, they have since held 13 exhibitions
around the world and are proudly celebrating their 14th edition at Jealous
Gallery in London.
Previous exhibitions have showcased some of the worlds most exciting and
disruptive artists working in contemporary collage, and the London show will
be no different. Focusing on artists who search for new ways of approaching
the medium, the exhibition aims to leave the clichés behind in order to help
redefine the way collage is made and conceived. The show will be curated by
Weird Show founder Max-o- matic and London based artist James Springall
and will feature some of the most cutting edge contemporary collage out
there, with a selection of artists from around the world that explore a wide
variety of approaches and techniques.
Featuring 25 artists in total, the International Weird Collage Show will present
a large variety of handmade collage art alongside limited edition prints. The
opening night on Feb 1 st will see the artist and soundtrack composer Maxwell
Sterling perform a live sound collage based on his highly acclaimed record
Hollywood Medieval, released in 2017 and for which the artists mother, post-
punk collage legend Linder Sterling, provided the sleeve artwork.


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