Assemblage! International Weird Collage Show Gatherings

Since late 2010, The Weird Show has been working to establish an open dialogue about what collage is in the 21st century. Exhibitions, workshops, online and offline publishing and other activities were the channels we found to discuss and redefine the idea of contemporary collage.

After traveling to many cities with the exhibitions we curated we discovered that it wasn´t with the extraordinary work of the talented artists that were part of our shows that we challenged the most our ways of understanding collage. Instead, it was with the informal talks we shared with those artists before and after the openings and work sessions that made us rethink our ideas. Meeting our fellow collage artists opened our minds and enriched our practice in an unprecedented way.

Assemblage is a concept related to a form of art, but also to a form of social interaction. The idea of context and mixture is present in both definitions. And this is the starting point for this new way of creating and sharing our thoughts, work and knowledge with the global collage community. This is a way of showing our work focusing on the process; it is our proposal to think, discuss and make contemporary collage.

Assemblage is also a global event curated by The Weird Show in the form of artists gatherings happening at the same time in diverse cities worldwide where everyone will be working and discussing about the state of contemporary collage and it´s future. Each city will also connect with the other gatherings elsewhere to share ideas, process and thoughts. During one day, some of the most talented collage artists worldwide will be helping to redefine contemporary collage.

Date: july 8th, 2017

Participant cities and host artists:

Amsterdam (Netherlands) / Host: B.D. Graft.
Berlin (Germany) / Host: April Gertler.
Barcelona (Spain) / Host: Max-o-matic
Buenos Aires (Argentina) / Host: Carolina Simonelli
Burgos (Spain) / Host: Rubén B
Kanagawa (Japan) / Host: Takuro Kishibe
Lima (Perú) / Host: Goster
Milano (Italy)  / Host: Elisa Vendramin & Sari Peltonen
Montreal (Canada) / Host: Alan Ganev
New York (USA) / Host: Charles Wilkin
Philadelphia (USA) / Host: Joe Castro
Arctic Pole / Host: Grande
Porto Alegre (Brazil)  / Host: André Bergamin
Trondheim (Norway) : Ashkhan Honarvar & S. Stølan

Assemblage #1 theme: The future of collage

Event curators and coordinators:
Max-o-matic & Rubén B / The Weird Show.

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