Book Review: Dennis Busch´s Include me Out

Anti reviewer

I´m not a journalist; i don´t write reviews. I write what i feel about what I like (or dislike, in fewer occasions). This is an anti-review on Dennis Busch´s latest editorial release: Include me out. This is an extremely parcial text. I love DB´s work and I find him one of the most inspiring artists around. Having this in mind, you can keep on reading 🙂

Love / hate collage:

If it wasn’t for people like Dennis Busch, I would be hating collage long ago. In a time where the (faux) security of repetition and formulas seem to be the thing that (collage) artists are perpetually looking for, Dennis´ work is honest, direct and deeply connected with his ideas. It´s not about pure aesthetics; it´s about shouting out loud feelings, questions, remarks on society, history and art. Absurd, fearless, chaotic, dangerous, intelligent, funny, risky, smart and utterly personal,  Busch´s collages are always nothing but pure awe and surprise.

The infinite encyclopedia:

“Include me out” gathers a large collection of Busch´s art where his compromise with his never-ending quest for “the new” is greatly portrayed.  Flipping through its pages you could imagine 10 different artists hidden under Busch´s skin. Bodies, flesh, pop culture, text, post-it notes, bright colors, dark black & white, animals, sex… everything has it´s own place in Busch´s world. Nothing is central; everything´s important.

The imperfect collage machine

When you start finding the pattern behind his creative outputs, new and different collages arise telling us that we´re losing our time trying to discover Dennis´ gimmick: his thing is having no thing more than freedom, intuition and lots of things to tell through his artworks. “Why did he do that?” i ask to myself looking at some of his work looking for rationalization and understanding the path´s taken by the artist to create his stuff. The answer is simple: there´s no answer. Enjoy and loose yourself in the images.