The Weird Press No. 5

The Weird Press No. 5:

The book of the collective exhibition that took place in Barcelona in 2016 featuring collage masterpieces from: Alan Ganev & François Ares (Canada), André Bergamin (Brazil), Anna Taratiel (Barcelona), Anthony Zinonos (U.S.A.), April Gertler (Berlín, Germany), Ashkan Honarvar (Norway), B.D. Graft ( Netherlands), Bill Noir (France), Chang Gang Lee ( Japan), Charles Wilkin (U.S.A), Cless (Spain), Dennis Busch (Germany), Franco Fasoli (Argentina), Fred Free (U.S.A), Gloria Vilches (Barcelona), Goster (Lima, Perú), Grande (Malmo, Sweden), James Gallagher (U.S.A), Jon Legere (U.S.A), John Whitlock (U.S.A, Julia Busch (Germany), Mario Zoots (U.S.A), Marta de los Pájaros (Barcelona), Max-o-matic (Barcelona), Mike de Sutter (U.S.A), Niko Vartiainen (Finland), Rubén B (Spain), Sergi Lacambra (Barcelona), Sylvia Stolan (Norway), Tamar Cohen (U.S.A), Vincent Pacheco (U.S.A).

Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B

Tamaño 15×23 cm
142 pages
ISBN  978136792673
Publishing date abr. 03, 2016

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