Review: Secret Behavior Magazine #1

New York based collage artist and curator, James Gallagher did what many of us would love to do (but nobody does): turned his obsessions, interest and likes into a solid, bold and refreshing (and really intense and dark at the same time) magazine. The title of this magazine is Secret Behavior, and it´s first issue, with Anonymity as central theme, is hitting the streets (and the net) these days.

Gallagher states in the fist pages of SB: “Secret Behavior is made by human beings, about the dirty, mysterious, beautiful secret that we all share: no matter what happens, we remain human”; and all the magazine, under an intimate and personal veil, shows us art, life and obsessions through the eyes of emerging artists and contemporary masters.  This magazine is about showing what other might decide to keep hidden. Images and words, in a soft and dark tone, tell us that life is much more than we see at first glance; there are hidden layers that once revealed they give a new meaning (sometimes uncomfortable) to our perception of everyday life.

Secret Behavior #1 showcases paint, drawings, photography from artists such as Heidi Johansen, Cass Bird, Gabriel Martinez, Krestin Dreschel and includes collage pieces by Dennis Busch, Office Supplies Inc, Ashkan Honarvar, Liam Crockard and Vlatka Horvat, among others.

The editor, who´s sexual flavoured images had been present across his collages and his curatorial tumblr adventures, also brings sex into the magazine. The skin, sweat and dirty dreams of artists (btw regular people, too) are an esencial part of Secret Behavior and draw a line that connects this magazine with Gallager´s work.

Because it´s new, daring, personal, interesting and printed (issuu is nice, but paper will always will prevail) we believe that this magazine is a must have. We already bought our copies (one each!) and we think that if you kept reading until now, you must get your copy here too.


Cy Twombly