Interview: Inez Van Vuren

Please, introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Inez van Vuren and I’m a collage artist from the Netherlands.

I’ve always been creating and making things.

I studied photography for two years, but decided to puchase another dream : drama school.

In 2001 I graduated there and worked as an actress, but now I like to create my own little scenes with paper and glue.

All the things I did before come together in a collage, that’s why I love this medium so much.

Recent, current or future projects you are involved in that you would like to share with us?

This summer I got the great news that a renowned gallery in The Hague (NL) (gallery project 2.0) wants to represent my work.

At this very moment a selection of collages are framed and most likely they can be seen over there at the end of October or early November.

I’m very excited about that.

This week I got a request from a new bar/restaurant to make some collages for them, so I’ll be working on that, and I’m always making and selling autonomous work.

For a long period of time I shared my work just with a small community on social media. Now I’m expanding my horizon bit by bit.

I’m ready for the world, and I hope the world is ready for me!

Bring it on!!

What kind of things do influence your work?

It always depends on my (ever changing) mood what kind of collage I’m making that day.

Almost anything can inspire me, such as: shapes and forms, colors, the body, nature, everyday life, absurdism, other artists, memories and dreams.

I’m very attracted to vintage. I love things from the past.

How is your normal process of collaging? (idea or commission, where do you get your materials or find your images, which is your cutting technique, best way you have found to paste, where do you work and how, and very important: what do you do with your scraps)

I work at home, where I have a huge collection of magazines and books which I find during my hunting sessions at the flea market and the thrift shop.

I also have a lot of boxes stuffed with scraps and pieces of paper (some are catagorised).

I never have an idea upfront, I always start by picking a few books to match my mood of the day. Whatever draws my attention I tare out.

Those images are my material for the day.

I put on some music(mostly classic or jazz), and just start puzzling and arranging very intuitive. There is no past and no future when I’m making a collage, just the here and now (my own zen-therapy).

Composition is important to me, whether I make a sober collage existing out of 2 images or a very spectacular one, containing lots of images and colors.

It all kind of goes in a flow, without thought or analysis. Once a collage is done and I look at it, I discover a story or see layers. That’s magic, I think.

My materials are: a cutting mat, glue (just plain and simple hobby glue for paper), scissors and a small scalpel. I prefer the scalpel above the scissors. Sometimes I work with thread on paper, but not very often. I don’t throw away my scraps but I save them in a box and use them in a new collage.

Wich is your latest discovery in the collage world? What advice can you give to a collage beginner?

Concerning others: I recently discovered the work of Maite Ortega, who embroiders on real vintage pictures. I love her playful style.

My advise for beginners is: (although I consider myself a beginner still) look at different sorts of collages a lot, try all the styles and discover what suits you best. Dare to make mistakes. Don’t give up. And: when you have a period in which nothing you make seems right: leave it for a while. Don’t force yourself, but trust a new inspiring phase will come.


What do say your friends/family about your collage work? And, what do you do when you are not working on art?

My friends and family are very enthusiastic, proud and encouraging.

They are happy for me that I found my true passion and something that I’m 100% content with. My son is making collages already too!

The people that are very close to me get an overdose of collages I want them give me some feedback on. I bet they’re fed up with that sometimes. Haha!

When I’m not making art I love to go treasure hunting at the flea market and thriftshops. I’m a true collector. Always looking for new treasures. My taste in interior decoration cannot be accused of minimalism…

I have a five year old son who gets the most of my time.

( Like he should )

Would you like to ask anything to John Baldessari? Shoot.

Hey John! How about a collaboration? We can work at my place, hope you like jazz.

Eric Yahnker