Dorota Kaczmarek

1) Please, introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you.
I’m a history of art graduate, living and working in Warsaw, Poland. In my works I use photography and digital manipulation, with occasional elements of 3D renderings. My main inspirations are philosophy, literature (especially magic realism), and various aspects of modern world, such as flow and abundance of images and information.

2) what projects were you involved in recently?
I worked on an album cover for a talented young singer MIN t.

3) Can you describe briefly your work process?
I like to work a bit blindly and look for different possible solutions through experiment and chance. Following a strict plan isn’t just that exciting for me, I prefer to be surprised by the results.
Usually I start by finding and pairing materials that would fit a certain vision. Then I prepare still life compositions and photograph them. The next step is digital modification that allows me to go beyond the limitations of the medium. It’s my favourite part because of the diversity of tools.

4) What´s your definition of collage?
From the artist’s point of view – it’s an exciting, subconscious chase after the inexpressible. From the viewer’s point of view – It’s like an aesthetic workout for the brain. It should always be engaging and somehow challenging.

5) Which is the future of collage as a media for artistic creation?
I don’t see any spectacular breakthrough coming in the world of collage. Yet it’s timeless, so people probably won’t get tired of it. So yeah, the future of collage is rather bright and without surprises.

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