Weird Bookshelf: Grupo Puré – Portfolio

A selection from our personal bookshelf: Puré – Grupo Puré – Portfolio | 2020

44 Pages
293 x 385 mm
First Edition 2020

¨Grupo Puré¨ (Puré Group) is a collective formed by five emerging artists graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca (Spain). They have been developing their project together since 2018.

The fact that it is constituted by several people, has allowed each of them to develop their own painting and thanks to the fusion of this multiplicity they have been able to generate a unique, fresh and full of character pictorial language.

Images of visual and consumer culture, video games, magazines, comics and anime, together with a vital, personal and subjective narrative, lead to the creation of a symbolic imagery full of elements that refer to life itself and its structures, but in its more aesthetic form.

At the same time, the work of this collective of artists transports us to a plastic process in which each of its members shares their own pictorial keys, that make their work  gain plastic and narrative coherence as a whole. In this way, geometric planes, colour, abstract and figurative forms, drawings or lettering are developed from a poetic and aesthetic perspective or point of view of our society so that the viewer is immersed in a world of fiction and beauty in which as a human being may find a way of transcending beyond the volatile and fickle aspects of this world. (from editor)