TWS BROADCAST. S02E02: Anthony Zinonos: Making restrictions a shortcut to emotions

Anthony Zinonos was born in South Africa and lived in Cyprus, Greece, the UK and in California and seems that all this moving from place to place made him realise that the less he needed, the easier to move forward. And, inspired by his own life experience and a John Stezaker exhibition he attended when he was still in college, he decided to make restrictions the main tool to shape his artistic identity. After stripping his work of everything superfluous, Anthony began making collages with a single (usually very small) photographic clipping and a piece of colored paper. The “Less is more” ethos… taken to the extreme.

Zinonos’ minimal approach to collage conquered the world more than a decade ago, first via social media and then in art exhibitions and working worldwide for very prestigious editorial and commercial clients.

So this week we’re talking with Anthony to learn more about his background, work, ideas… and a bit about his famous Pugs.

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This episode was produced, edited and sound designed by Máximo Tuja aka Max-o-matic. 
Music composed by Matías Rossi -with help from our music deparment intern, Niño Montaña.
Mix: Adrià Navarro 

Find more about Anthony Zinonos on his website or Instagram.

Anthony Zinonos, bigSWELL
Anthony Zinonos, bigRIPPER
Anthony Zinonos, Boo
Anthony Zinonos, redGAP
Anthony Zinonos, holdingITtogether
Anthony Zinonos, clearWATERS
Anthony Zinonos, cuttingCORNERS
Anthony Zinonos, kodakPROTEST
Anthony Zinonos, walkingTHEcow
Anthony Zinonos, demonDOG
Anthony Zinonos, HurleyMURAL

Anthony Zinonos, oceanESCAPE
Anthony Zinonos, outdoorsTYPE
Anthony Zinonos, ourOFthePARK
Anthony Zinonos, poolSIDE
Anthony Zinonos, toeTHEline