TWS Broadcast: Episode 02: THS –Thomas Schostok. Releasing the Beast

In the second episode of The Weird Show Broadcast, we interviewed the german designer, artist and typographer Thomas Schostok, aka THS. Even though he defines himself as an unpleasant artist, we love this guy, he is a real legend.

With the publishing of the seminal Beast magazine in 2001, Schostok,  along with a few others, was responsible for bringing the collage into the digital age. His art and his curatorial approach revealed the chaotic power of collage to a new generation of design and illustration geeks (myself included!) that just was discovering internet as a source of inspiration and community building. And now, 20 years, later is still championing his unique approach to design, art and typography.

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Thomas Schostok –THS.
Beast Magazine 01, Cover, 2001
Beast Magazine 04, Spread, 2001
Beast Magazine, Spread, 2001
THS, Collage, Published at Beast magazine, 2001
THS, Collage, Published at Beast magazine, 2001
THS, I want to leave, Digital collage
THS, Repeater, Digital collage
THS, Twist me, Digital collage
THS, Untitled, Digital collage
THS, Bullshit gossip, Digital collage