TWS BROADCAST: EPISODE 07: Mac Premo, the stuff maker.

There are two sides of Mac Premo. Mac the commercial films director that works for huge client s. And Mac, the artist making art stretching the limits of collage like no other. 
But there’s something in common on both sides : Mac, as he likes to say, is a stuff-maker.  The only thing is that stuff, in Mac’s world, can go from simple paper collages to delicate wood sculptures, films, giant installations, plays -which he writes and performs– and complex perpetual machines.  So, yes, he makes stuff. Beautiful and meaningful stuff in all forms, shapes and mediums.  And, on top of that, he makes us think and reflect on our own existence with the stuff he creates.
Today we’re talking with him to find out more about his way of approaching his work and his ideas behind his art.

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Find more about Mac Premo in his Vimeo channel on instagram or, soon, on his website

Mac Premo in his studio (Ph: Wesley Verhoeve)

Mac Premo: The Bunt Machine

Mac Premo: The 6 4 3 machine

Learn more about the 6 4 3 machine, here

Mac Premo: The bucket board

Mac Premo, Smash Bulb, 2012
9.5 x 18.5 x 9
Mac Premo, Smash Bulb, 2012 (detail)
Mac Premo, Brooklyn Circus sign
Mac Premo, Dying with Dignity
Mac Premo, Dying with Dignity (detail)
Mac Premo, Elaborate Self-Sabotage
Mac Premo, Failure
Mac Premo, Instructions
Mac Premo, The Super-Americans
Mac Premo, Tom over Tim
Mac Premo, Totally look inside this hole
Mac Premo, Louque Album art

Mac Premo: Burn it down

Mac Premo: J Grant Brittain