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Artist and writer Matthew Garrison reviews D. Dominick Lombardi’s show at the Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania.   D. Dominick Lombardi’s exhibition, Cross Contamination with Stickers, at Albright College’s Freedman Gallery brings together recent work that implodes linear expectations in art by attaching a subversive cast of characters and...

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Vibrant colors and a multitude of different textures come together in the paintings of Scott Bennett. Combining many diverse painterly effects, and often incorporating collage processes, Scott creates dynamic, alluring surfaces.  Andrea Burgay visited Scott’s studio in Syracuse, NY to learn about the materials and processes that feed into these works and Scott shared many insights, including how he translates...

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– Last time we interviewed you was in early 2015.  How are things going? How your art has evolved since then? On the technical side, the works have become more complex and detailed. On the artistic level, the work has become more focused and more explorative depthwise rather than broadwise,...