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TWS –Hello Anastasia, can you please tell us something you’d like us to know about yourself?  AS –I was born near the Ural Mountains, and currently I’m living and working in the Swedish North. My background is in architecture, and one of my first art projects Genius Loci is largely informed by the architectural settings and the spirit of the... Read More

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Int´nl Weird Collage Show, Trondheim, 2016 Featuring art from: Alan Ganev (Canada), Andre Bergamin (Brazil), Anna Katrin Karlsson (Norway), Anna Taratiel (Spain), Anthony Zinonos (Usa), April Gertler (Germany), Ashkan Honarvar (Norway), Bill Noir (France), Charles Wilkin (Usa), Choi Wong (Netherlands), Cless (Spain), Dennis Busch (Germany), Geoff J. Kim (Usa), Goster... Read More