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Director/Producer: Craig Baldwin Photography/Editor<: Bill Daniel 87 minutes\16mm By their own reckoning, members of the Bay Area recording and performance group Negativland got themselves into trouble by having too much fun. Their prank began with a pirated audiotape of Casey Kasem, the normally boosterish-sounding disk jockey and radio personality, as he cursed... Read More

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After a year-long hiatus, The Weird Show is back, and we feel it’s time to explain what led us here and how things changed from our beginnings to nowadays. Not too long, not too nostalgic, but reviewing some of the things that made us what we are today. When we started TWS in 2010 collage was already resurfacing. After having... Read More

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Int´nl Weird Collage Show, Barcelona, 2016 A collective exhibition featuring collage masterpieces from: Alan Ganev & François Ares (Canada), André Bergamin (Brazil), Anna Taratiel (Barcelona), Anthony Zinonos (U.S.A.), April Gertler (Berlín, Germany), Ashkan Honarvar (Norway), B.D. Graft ( Netherlands), Bill Noir (France), Chang Gang Lee ( Japan), Charles Wilkin (U.S.A),... Read More

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